Lean: an obvious strategic choice for your digital transformation

The ingredients of a successful digital transformation are:

  1. simplified customer experience
  2. faster value streams
  3. end-to-end people collaboration,
  4. and innovation through fast experimentation

Lean IT is devoted to improving customer satisfaction, time-to-market of products and services, teamwork and innovation. Lean hence becomes an obvious strategic choice for making your digital transformation a real success.

Discover the speakers, download the program. In the meantime, watch the presentation slides and videos from the Lean IT Summit 2014 here or have a look at the presentations and videos from the previous summits here.

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The Lean IT Summit is an initiative of the Institut Lean France and the Lean Global Network. Read about the organizers.

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The Lean Global Network promotes lean thinking and provides leadership to help organizations with their lean transformations. The Members of the Lean Global Network include a growing number of non-profit organizations that are devoted to the promotion of lean thinking throughout the world. The members are completely independent, but interact on a regular basis.