“What’s the point of hiring smart people if you don’t empower them to fix what’s broken?”

This quote is taken from Ed Catmull, Pixar Cofounder, in his book “Creativity, Inc”. Ed Catmull has been applying Lean principles since day one and he has built one of the most profitable technology companies where developing creative workers is the key to success.

Come meet the leaders who are applying similar strategies and shaping the future of information technology. At the Lean IT Summit, you will learn to:

Bring your organization into the Digital Age, walk in the steps of Pixar, Google, Amazon or Spotify and enter the Big League

Provide your creative workers with an environment that enables agility, intensive collaboration and innovation

Go fast! Discover how major companies from media, banking, services and manufacturing industries use lean techniques to satisfy their customers and beat competition.

The detailed program is available!

Mark your calendar as 3 master classes will be held on Wednesday 15 October:

- Make your IT projects succeed with the Obeya with Sandrine Olivencia

- Lean leadership in IT, a hands-on master class with Steve Bell

- Lean Coaching in an IT Environment with Mike Orzen

The details are available here.

Meet the speakers!


Lead-with-respect-Michael-Ballé Michael Ballé will present his latest business novel “Lead With Respect” and sign copies at the Lean IT Summit.

Nouveauté cette année : la conférence sera traduite en Français !

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The conference

The Lean IT Summit is an initiative of the Institut Lean France and the Lean Global Network. Read about the organizers.

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French participants: le summit est éligible au DIF et les plénières seront traduites en Français.

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Watch the videos and presentation slides from 2011, 2012 and 2013 summits. Expert talks and case studies are also available on our channel.

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