From Lean startup to Lean scale up

Join the 6th International Lean IT Summit on 14-15 March 2017 in Paris.

8 keynotes 10 case studies 3 workshops 1 roundtable 4 masterclasses
Discover the panel of speakers

Agility, customer-driven leadership, streamlined processes, intense collaboration, distributed innovation. These assets seem imperative for 21st century IT teams, yet somehow out of reach for many executives as their workforce struggles in an overly complex and bureaucratic environment.

Join the Lean IT Summit to discover how Lean can be an inspiring model for IT Leaders while listening to :

  • Worldwide experts such as Dan Jones, Jez Humble, Mike Orzen and Steve Bell to hear how they frame Lean IT.
  • Startup entrepreneurs who build sustainable activities by continuously delivering high value to customers with a Lean framework.
  • CIOs deploying Lean for a rapid digital transformation across the organization.
  • Lean IT practitioners with personal stories on how they increased their product launch time by 10 and built systems that users love.

If you plan to spend a few days in Paris, take advantage of exclusive Lean IT Masterclasses on Monday 13 March:

and on Thursday 16 March:


What is Lean IT?

Lean IT provides validated management practices to tackle the many challenges digital brings to the workplace. The summit will explore three themes on how Lean in IT/ Digital can:

  • Delight your customers and users
  • Increase velocity and agility to have a competitive advantage
  • Move your organization beyond Taylorism and develop intense collaboration with your customers, employees and suppliers.

Every year, the Lean IT Summit brings the Lean IT community together to share ideas, exchange and create knowledge under the patronage of Daniel T.Jones.

Videos of the previous editions

The presentations slides and videos from the Lean IT Summit 2015 are online! Click here to watch Kent Beck, AXA, Telefonica and many more.

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The conference

The Lean IT Summit is an initiative of the Institut Lean France and the Lean Global Network. Read about the organizers.

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